Why should I use Wow Glams Products?

Because the products are:

  • 100% Organic
  • Totally chemicals free
  • No Side effects
  • No preservatives
  • Results Guaranteed

How long will it take to get my parcel after checkout?

You will receive your orders within 2-3 working days after you made checkout whether on cash on delivery or at the spot. Depending on shipping address it may vary but you can receive your orders within 4 days maximum. If by any chance you experience delays in receiving your order, contact us immediately and we will help to confirm the status of your order.

How do I place an order?

By clicking the desired product. Add the product to cart then by viewing the cart page proceed for the checkout, after filling your data on checkout form, go for submit. Hence your order is placed.

Can I add, change or cancel an order after it has been placed?
We have only both payment methods which are cash on delivery and before delivery.

How can I change my shipping address?

Yes if due to any issue you want to change so you can but before 24 hours of placing order.

How much will shipping cost?

We offer free delivery. It's just because we love to give clients priority and relief as much as we can.

What happens if there has been a delivery mishap (damages/lost) to my order?

We regret to inform you that no refunds will be given for orders that fall under the below categories.In the event of damaged samples received, we will require photo proof of the affected samples and your Delivery Order. In order for us to investigate and review before a decision is made to re-send the sample to you at no cost, subject to availability.In light of this, any sample that falls into this category should not be thrown away before taking photo proof and emailing the photo to us. In the event of lost mail, we will try to locate the delivery team and if there’s a clear indication that your order is indeed lost, we’ll resend the order to you at no cost, subject to availability.